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Welcome to the world of Clicko

Clicko is the brand that let you learn while playing. Our products contribute to increased interest and curiosity for letters, language, numbers and mathematics.

We are passionate about making learning fun and therefore play, creativity and learning are something that are a natural part of all our products.

Flip, twist and join the magnetic wooden building blocks into letters, words or digits. Use our Teachers guide for inspiration and ideas in how to play and learn with Clicko.

For those who already know letters and numbers, we have other creative products and games. Such as DIY memory and board games.

With our magnetic wooden parts, designed and developed in Sweden, you can build letters, numbers and words long before you can hold a pen.

Welcome to contact us for a pricelist or to ask us a question!

"Learning is for everyone, so are our products"

                              Hanna Malmström 

Founder and CEO