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Welcome to the world of Clicko

Clicko is the brand that let you learn while playing. Our products contribute to increased interest and curiosity for letters, language, numbers and mathematics.

We are passionate about making learning fun and therefore play, creativity and learning are something that are a natural part of all our products.

Communication, Literacy, Language

Judges’ comments

The letter alphabet sticks were a huge hit with our children. They recognised letters on the small picture cards included in the pack. With support and guidance from teachers the children were able to create the desired letters. The pieces themselves are a good size and we love that they are magnetic and wooden.

These helped the children with their fine motor skills, literacy (forming letters, reading letters) and social skills in waiting and turn taking. We used these both inside and outside in the garden. We’ve not seen anything like this and think that it is a wonderful innovative idea.

With our magnetic wooden parts, designed and developed in Sweden, you can build letters, numbers and words long before you can hold a pen.


We offer a range of educational toys and resources that provide both sensory and educational fun. Our products can be used in many different ways. They encourage children to explore on their own, to develop their speaking and pre-reading skills and their knowledge in letters and maths.
By using our products while learning the alphabet and maths, children use their senses.
They are touching, seeing, hearing and the more senses you use, the easier it is to learn!


Our products are both for children with special needs AND suitable for any child who is curious about letters and numbers. Special teachers, daycares, preschool teachers and speech therapist are all thrilled by Clicko. And in Sweden our brand is one of the most popular brands when it comes to letters and the alphabet.

Hela alfabetet byggt med träbokstäver ligger på golvet. Flera barnhänder syns i bilden som är tagen på en förskola

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"Learning is for everyone, so are our products"

                              Hanna Malmström 

Founder and CEO